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SLAM Colorado Board Members and Community Advisory Board Members

Ben Martinez
Board Member

Ben is a retired School Administrator. He brings knowledge of administration and human resources to the board.

Bill Rouse
Board Member

Bill is a local community Pastor and parent.  He brings knowledge of Non-Profit Organizations, community support services, and has supported with Denver revitalization efforts.

Gian Lasher
Board Member

Gian is a Denver business owner and parent. He brings knowledge of Finance, Sports Advocacy, Coaching, Technology & Marketing, and Fundraising.

Mark McIntosh
Board Member

Mark has a long career in Denver Media and Sports Broadcasting as well as Motivational Speaking. He brings Media Expertise and Athletic Non-Profits experience to the board.

Sheryl Norman
Board Member

Sheryl is a track and field coach in Denver as well as works with the USA Junior Olympics. She is a local community member and brings athletics, coaching, finance, and non-profit organization knowledge to the board.

Santiago Grado
Board Member

Santiago is an administrator and coach. He is an engineer, Olympic Coach, principal and has years of previous charter school experience.

George Grant
Board Member

George is a Denver business owner. He has experience with business development, fundraising, baseball coaching, and the Boy Scouts of America organization.